This image is the perfect example of beginner’s luck. I shot it the very same day I received my remote release for the camera. I got it into the head to get this aerial view of a sail boat shot from the top of the mast, but I wanted it in open sea and unfurled sail.

For this purpose I climbed up the mast using a harness, and used a Manfrotto ‘magic arm’ to attach and fix my camera. I covered my beloved Canon 5D markII with a white cloth and some tape because I was totally aware of the risks of the midday sun exposure for hours.

I did the whole operation within the harbor protection since I’m not sure of how safe climbing a mast in open seas could be (i doubt it’s safe at all, but I rather did such a complex operation in the safety of the harbor, just in case).

We set sail at midday towards the channel between the island of Tenerife y La Gomera, a real whale and dolphin sanctuary. My intention was capturing a whale passing by the boat whilst having the entire boat in the frame. For that purpose I used a Tokina fisheye and later I fixed the distortions in Photoshop.
I never expected to be such a lucky guy to capture a whole group of pilot whales swimming right next to the boat. You can also see me in the photo watching the whales while shooting the camera remotely.

I scored the cover of Trasmediterranea’s magazine ‘Azul Marino‘ with a vertical version of this photo.

Azul Marino Trasmediterranea magazine