It doesn’t happen as often as one wishes, but every now and then you get hired for one of those assignments that brings plenty of light to your professional life. When UK’s coolest travel magazine asks you to spend two weeks aboard a yacht in the British Virgin Islands, you just can’t say no. A journalist, a small crew and I squeezed onto the Ibis, a beautiful sailing boat that belongs to Sam, a lovely Scottish woman who could easily be the bravest woman I ever met (yes, that’s her on the first double page spread). We’d set sail during the day and spend each night at a different island. Waking up to the noise of ropes in the magic of the Caribbean is priceless, along with its ultra relaxed atmosphere it presented an unforgettable opportunity to capture some of my favorite all time photos (you can see the full gallery here).

I knew in advance it would be a challenging story, so I took all my equipment (you don’t want to drop a camera in the water in such an isolated place, a backup camera is mandatory). I had my Canon gear and Fuji mirrorless for the point-and-shoot photos and of course the client was after some underwater pics so the water housing and lens ports were all thrown in a Peli case. Getting used to sea sickness is another story, but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. As weird as it may sound, after a few days aboard, Jenni, the journalist, started feeling land sickness as soon as she’d set foot ashore she´d feel the same as someone suffering from sea sickness! I was lucky to not experience any of this but it makes sense. Your brain assimilates the boat swaying and you get to a point where you don’t distinguish the movement. That is until you try climbing the top of the mast, the smallest ripple becomes a tsunami up there, but the view’s absolutely worth the pain!